Baby Rhino Still Coping After Witnessing His Mother Get Butchered By Poachers

baby rhino
Photo by Wet Paint Life

The poaching situation in Africa seems to be getting worse every day with rhinoceros and elephants suffering the brunt of it. The said two mammalian species and some of their subspecies are actually considered to be endangered. Now, we have one of the most tragic aftermaths of poaching after a baby rhino was found crying for its mother after she was killed by poachers.

The incident took place in Kruger National Park, South Africa. A mother rhino who was with her baby was killed and her horns were cut and taken by the poachers. To make matters worse, the baby rhino was also attacked with a machete. Usually, it was just the adult rhinos which are attacked for their horns for perceived yet unproven medicinal value, but this time around, it seems the poachers extended their brutality toward the baby.

“It was instinctive for him to try and stay close to his mother to protect her, and the poachers with no sympathy or hesitation whatsoever lashed out at him so that they could finish their heinous crime of taking his mother’s horn as quickly as possible,” claimed a spokesperson for the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary.

The said sanctuary then took the orphan baby rhino under their care and named him Arthur, a name that suits the bravery he displayed. It seems that rhinos are also emotional mammals like Elephants and are often traumatized as well by the death of their family. It is worth noting that while Arthur’s mother was killed back in May, Arthur is still making sounds which indicate a longing for his mother, meaning he is still looking for her up until now.

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