Avast Acquires Secure.me, Will Boost Facebook Security For Users

Facebook Secure Me Security

Antivirus firm Avast has acquired Secure.me. The startup is focused on making Facebook a more secure platform for users.

In a Secure.me blog post on Thursday co-founder Mario Grobholz writes:

“This new set up will allow us to design security for the user to protect their data independent from which device is utilized and from where it is being accessed from. Our mission will remain the same: We will continue our dedication to provide a safe and carefree online experience for everyone; we can now do this at a much wider scale, with even more power and at a higher speed.”

Secure.me launched four years ago with its primary focus on protecting user privacy on social networks and apps.

Avast plans to implement Secure.me technology in an effort to play catch up with its competitors while securing new social media protection for its tens of millions of users.

Speaking of the acquisition Avast CTO Ondrej Vlcek says:

“We were always fans of the solutions and underlying technologies that secure.me has developed and brought to market, and now we’re working at light-speed to fully integrate them into both our free and premium offerings, so our couple hundred million users can get all of the great benefits these capabilities deliver.”

Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Do you think Secure.me was a good acquisition for Avast and for Facebook users?



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