Automated Bitcoin Trading

Trading Automatic Bitcoin means obtaining passive returns thanks to the movement of the price of this cryptocurrency. But does it work or not? By now, not a day goes by without new news about Bitcoin. A real phenomenon that has pushed many people to take an interest in cryptocurrencies, to understand if they represent a real investment opportunity or a scam.

The phenomenon of virtual currencies has spread many uncertainties since its appearance. So much as to induce the financial world to take sides at first in a compact manner against the sector.

Over time, however, many members of traditional finance have also changed their orientation significantly.

The instability of the values is particularly arousing. The values are the characteristic that arouses the appetite of those who are looking for good investment opportunities in, particularly liquid sectors.

Over time, more and more users have decided to join, in particular, using the CFD (Contract For Difference) tool, the financial means that allows you to invest in the underlying asset without having to acquire it.

Automatic cryptocurrency trading: how it works

Automatic Bitcoin Trading

In recent months, however, there has been talking of another way of trading Bitcoin and Altcoin, the automated one. What is it about? This term refers in particular to software based on one or more algorithms, which is responsible for monitoring what is happening in the financial markets.

The purpose of this surveillance is to be able to intercept the so-called trading signals, that is, the situations whose effects seem to follow a logical thread. The automatic trading software reconnects the precise indications that have been entrusted to it.

The crypto trading bots, another term with which this software is indicated, are a reality now consolidated on the markets. The reason for this is that, for example, professional brokers and investment funds, once they have captured the trading signal, would not have the time to place orders in favor of their customers.

They, therefore, use automated systems, so much so that according to a reliable calculation, in the United States as much as 75% of the operations that take place in equity trading occur in this way.


However, this way of operating is openly discouraged by those who intend to trade online. The reason lies in the fact that the automatisms imposed by the software are not able to stay up with the difficulty of the markets. They push the robot in a certain direction even if the trends openly disown the starting predictions. Quite different is the matter related to the use of this method of trading by professional investors, able to correctly set the characteristics of the operation to be undertaken. In particular, the following should be set :

  • The conditions for entering the market (timing);
  • The figures to invest in one’s availabilities, or money management;
  • Which risk threshold should not be exceeded, in practice risk management;
  • Exit orders, i.e., Stop loss in case of loss and Take Profit in the opposite one.

What robots are, in fact, able to ensure, in the case of correct settings, is an increase in profits, as they allow you to set up a greater number of operations than it would be possible to undertake manually.

Automatic trading software: Crypto Robot 365

Among the superior technology trading systems, in recent times, there has been a lot of talk about Crypto Robot 365. It is an automatic trading software that serves to monitor what is happening in the cryptocurrency sector, identifying the real trading opportunities.

To take advantage of this system, it is, of course, necessary to open an account on one of the platforms that are compatible with its use. Since not all accept it, the best thing to do is to make sure of the list of available brokers.

Once the account has been started, you must then set it up to connect it to the robot, set your indications, and the strategy to be adopted. At this point, Crypto Robot 365 will be ready to operate automatically, reserving its work precisely in the sector of virtual coins. The thing that demands to be clarified is that the profits are far from guaranteed, unlike what is often reported on advertisements that can certainly be called deceptive.


The algorithms of the automatic trading software are based on specific technical analysis approaches, going to analyze the graphs that report the evolution taking place on the markets. The underlying belief is that what happened in the past, in very similar contexts, should happen again.

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