Artists Recreates Emojis With Yummy Food

emojis with food

Instagram is full of artists that can turn ordinary food into magnificent masterpieces. Recently, some very creative artists have turned snacks, such as Rice Krispies into your favorite emojis. Now that dancing lady or thumbs up can be more than just a message to a friend, it could a snack!

Speaking of Rice Krispies, one of the emojis artists is Jessica Siskin. Known on Instagram as mister_krisp, Siskin uses different colors of the classic cereal to create pictures of pretty much anything.

From ordinary items, such as golf balls or trees.

Even, trending social topics. Caitlyn Jenner, anyone?

But, what we are really loving is her emoji creations. How about a tasty kissy face?

Follow that up with a cute couple emoji.

Or why not a mixture of them all…


Siskin isn’t the only one with amazing food sculpting skills. Another foodie artist, Heather Adamson specializes in turning healthy food into art. Her latest work has been with oatmeal. Yes, there is a way to turn that boring breakfast gruel into a beautiful masterpiece. Known on Instagram as Fresheather, her emoji creations don’t just look good. She uses great ingredients to make it delicious as well.

Don’t they make your mouth water?

Amazing. So much talent. Our breakfasts definitely don’t look this good.

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