Are People Actually Getting Rich On YouTube? [Infographic]


YouTube is home to over one billion unique visitors every single month, and stories of people hitting it big inspire others to create their own videos.

Today, Patreon shared an infographic titled “Are YouTubers Getting Rich from Ad Revenue?”

It’s a very good question, and many assume that if you’re getting millions of views, that can add up in the thousands of dollars per video. However, that may not be the case.

On average, Americans watch around one billion videos every single day, and some popular users such as Jenna Marbles receive more views than the season finale of a hit show.

Even the most random of talents do well on YouTube. Smooth McGroove posts acapella versions of video game songs, and currently has nearly 780,000 subscribers.

Despite thousands of YouTube creators receiving millions of views across hundreds of thousands of subscribers, they’re hardly making enough money to cover their bills, according to Patreon.

For example, here’s a quick breakdown of a video that receives one million views:

  • Person covers a popular song
  • Advertiser pays a $2 CPM (cost-per-thousand views) to run ads on a video
  • If video receives one million views, that’s $2000, right?

Unfortunately, not all views are monetized, and according to Patreon, only around 20 percent are.

The company also claims that YouTube’s current system doesn’t really help the creator financially, and under a new system that’s been proposed, a YouTuber would only receive $100 for one million views.

One of the big issues with disputing these claims, and getting verifiable numbers is the fact that it’s against YouTube’s terms of service to talk about earnings.

It seems that some YouTube users are making enough money to support themselves, but just how much is as big a question as what’s the meaning of life?


Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a seasoned professional with a strong background in growth strategies and editorial responsibilities. Kokou has been instrumental in driving companies' expansion and fortifying their market presence. His academic credentials underscore his expertise; having studied Communication at the Università degli Studi di Siena (Italy), he later honed his skills in growth hacking at the Growth Tribe Academy (Amsterdam).


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