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Miraculous Modded Car Door Plays Africa by Toto When Opened

The song Africa by Toto is a soothing, magical, majestic treat for the ears. From the super ’80’s’ sounding synth riff to the echoing, anthemic chorus, it is a song most of the world can recognize on melody alone. For further proof Africa by Toto is a song that transcends time and space, here is […]

Cats Watch Toy Fish in Tub, One Falls In, Madness Ensues

Cats are a very intriguing and curious creatures. While they have been studied for years, science still admits it knows very little about cats. They date back to Egyptian times (where they were worshiped) and the general consensus about cats is THEY domesticated US and we are THEIR pets. Being a human pet to a […]

Smartphones Explained As The Tiny Technological Miracle They Truly Are

A smartphone is an easy thing to take for granted. We carry it with us everywhere we go, we see them all the time, and we forget just what they represent. Not only are we mobile when we make calls now (which was all but non-existent in the 80’s and 90’s unless you had one […]

Adorable Penguins Pose for Selfies (Kind Of)

Penguins are adorable and intriguing creatures, who have some very strange habits (to us). But if there is one thing you would not associate penguins with its narcissism, but boy, are we wrong. Come to find out, you leave a camera recording around some penguins those things want their screen time! And here we thought […]

Edible Utensils are The Simplest, Best Idea EVER

I’m sorry to be so blunt about this, but these edible utensils you are about to see are so simple and so genius, it is kind of embarrassing when you realize how LONG it took humanity to figure that out and create them. We all eat OFF of utensils, but in the end, they take […]

Captivating Camera: GoPro Ends Up On Japanese Sushi Conveyor Belt

When you are out getting sushi, the last thing you expect to see is a GoPro camera rolling by you on the sushi conveyor belt, but that is just what one person did with their GoPro, and as odd as it may sound, there is something both soothing and surreal about traveling slowly around this […]

Did You Know YouTube IS Going to End Someday?

YouTube is one of those websites that can be easy to take for granted, simply because people don’t often give credit for just how versatile it truly is. One minute you can be catching up on an old sitcom you loved as a kid and in the next minute, you could be learning how to […]