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Insane Hiker Walks To Edge of Erupting Volcano To Catch Video

So what insane, life-threatening thing did YOU post to social media today? I only ask because someone recently posted a video of themselves hiking up Bali’s Mount Agung, an active volcano which has been erupting now for months, on and off with no consistent pattern. Talk about “desperate for LIKES.” When you are risking your […]

Slow Motion, HD Lightning Storm Will Take Your Breath Away

There are few things on Earth that can truly reflect the nature of power more than a lightning storm. Don’t get me wrong, hurricanes and tornadoes can do more damage most of the time, but there is something both scary and awe-inspiring about seeing nature reign down a storm consisting of bolts of pure electricity […]

Man Rigs Amazon Box to Catch Thief With a BANG

Few things suck as much as getting a package or packages stolen from your porch by some makeshift thief. What makes it even worse is when said thief shows up EVERY TIME you have a box. While future tech like this will surely help, until that has reached all of us, sometimes we need to […]

Science, Hell Yes: This “Liquid Sand” Hot Tub Is Beyond Cool

What you are about to see is called the ‘fluidized bed effect’ by some. It is created by blowing massive amounts of air evenly through huge masses of sand, rendering the sand into an almost liquid-like physical state, as seen here. But below you’ll see NASA engineer Mark Rober filling a hot tub with sand and […]

OK Go Release Mind-Melting New Music Video That Is a Must-Watch

We don’t normally post music videos here, but there is always an exception (if said musical video is exceptional is the exceptional, ironically). OK Go have become famous over the last decade for doing just that. From videos shot in zero-G’s to a music video entirely choreographed on multiple treadmills, these guys really think far […]

NASA Releases Visual Simulation of 2017’s Hurricane Season

To say 2017’s hurricane season was rough would be an understatement. Brutal seems more accurate, with many states and whole countries being left devastated in mother nature’s wake this year. NASA has just released a visual simulation of this year’s hurricane season, and using basic science like wind tracking they determine the paths these storms […]

Why Incompetent People Don’t Think They’re Incompetent

Believe it or not, people who think they are great at things they may not be great at isn’t just because they are imperfect and incapable of admitting themselves incompetent. It is because it is incredibly hard for us to judge our own skills without bias, as the only eyes we see through are our […]

What the What: Utterly Mesmerizing Dance Routine With Spinning Stage

Generally, when you see a dance routine turn into a viral video it is something funny like the famous “Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing” video, as seen below: But the dance video you are about to see from the Avant Garde dance choreographer Yoann Bourgeois (totes her real name) for her show Celui Qui Tombe […]