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Clearest Water On Planet Earth? Click Here & Judge Yourself

How many times have you visited a lake or a beach, only to be woefully disheartened by the murkiness of the water? Indeed, you could go for a swim in the ambiguity if you really desired, however there is no way of knowing if whatever brushed your leg was a bug-eyed aquatic creature, seaweed, or an […]

Americans Were Challenged to Find Any Country on a Map and They Failed Epically

Well, this is a bleak reflection on the US school system. This week talk show host Jimmy Kimmel asked his fellow Americans to name any country they could on a map of the world, and let’s just say it didn’t go well, with some participants unable to plot even one nation correctly (including their own).

Women in Iran Are Being Detained For Dancing on Instagram

In what sounds like something out of The Handmaid’s Tale, women in Iran are being arrested for dancing on social media. Recently, the country has been cracking down on its Instagram stars, with at least four influencers arrested this week for posting videos to the image-sharing site.

Watch Trans Men Audition For Scarlett Johansson Movies in This Hilarious Spoof

Last week, Scarlett Johansson caused a furore once again over her choice of movie role. Last year, the star offended fans by taking on the lead role of Major in the live-action adaption of Japanese manga the Ghost in the Shell, a role many felt was meant for an Asian actor. Now, she’s teamed up with […]

This Horrific Cat-Roomba Hybrid Will Chill Your Soul to the Core

In the age of internet cats, it’s hard to be a feline that stands out. Not every kitty with an Instagram account can reach the same heights of fame as Grumpy Cat or the late, great Colonel Meow. Even the web’s latest success story, Valkryie, only made a name for herself because she looks so eerily […]

8 Videos Of People Who Think It’s Okay To Be Racist Because Trump Is

Trump supporters think that it’s suddenly okay to be racist just because our president has voiced his own racist opinions. Before Donald Trump was in the White House, people would at least have the courtesy to keep their racism behind closed doors. At least for the most part. These days, however, we can’t go a […]

You’ve Never Seen Ping Pong Trick Shots Like These – Whoa!

It’s a science behind trick shots in cup ping pong. Trick shots entail bouncing the ping pong ball off walls and other surfaces, sometimes numerous times. The first ste, is to locate a place for your cup. Place your cup in the right position for your trick.  To begin, position the cup in a spot […]