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This is Why Not Everyone Was Meant to Kayak Over A Waterfall

There are certain things we are capable of as humans and certain things were are not. That is what makes us special. Strengths and weaknesses, but never get them mixed. Just because someone ELSE is good at something doesn’t mean you will be by default, which is the exact lesson the man in the kayak […]

Cute Dog Jump Kicks A Kid in the Head and It’s the Best Thing Ever

So the title kind of tells you all you need to know about this and I do know laughing at other’s misfortune is wrong, but if so, why doth it feels so right? And yes, that WAS supposed to say doth. It felt far more an apropos fit than does here, seeing as to how […]

SnowMobiler Almost Eaten by Bear, Friend Stops To Take Pics

Okay, this really happened, and honestly, it all happens so fast that it is actually scary to watch, but then it gets funny, in a kind of sad way. So two snowmobilers were hitting the snowy trails, one with a GoPro attached to his helmet to catch all the action. Suddenly (and literally kind out […]

Do Not Watch If Scared of Heights: Man Slides Down 250 Foot Pole

I grew up deathly afraid of heights so I decided to face that fear by skydiving once I grew up. Suffice it to say, it didn’t help me face my fear as much as it made me almost crap myself while falling at 100+ MPH towards the Earth below. I am telling you this story […]

Watching Ice Break Over A Waterfall is Entrancing

Sometimes,  when the world feels like it is going crazy and it can be easy to feel like you are going crazy with it. Sometimes you just need to see something grandiose and beautiful to remind you that we are all going to be okay and there is still peace and beauty to be found […]

Man Plays Bass Solo on A Bass With Invisible Strings

We have talked about Dave504 before on here, and he is essentially a god who can play anything on bass, from bass lines that should be technically impossible (that video is linked below this article) to, at one point, playing a  bass guitar (which only comes with four strings) that had 24 strings. Basically, if […]

Meet The Man Who Folds PERFECT Paper Airplanes (and How He Does It)

You wouldn’t think a grown man being really efficient at making and throwing paper airplanes would be worthwhile news, and neither would I had I not seen the video I am about to share with you. His name is John Collins, and if there is a paper plane Micheal Jordan, this guy is it. Wired […]