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Frightened Dad Needs Help with Mystery Doll in Daughter’s Crib

If the movie Annabelle has taught us anything, it’s that dolls are creepy as f*ck (like this one, that supposedly terrorised people in Singapore). Still, people insist on buying them for their kids, no matter what paranormal phenomenon they bring along with them. 

Peeved Taxi Driver Drags Man Out Of His Taxi For Littering [Video]

There’s plenty to get irritated about when it comes to the road — whether it’s a driver going too slow in the fast lane — a driver going too fast riding your bumper — someone blasting their tunes at an obnoxious level — or someone who doesn’t know how to stay in their own lane and […]

Persistent Koala Invades Pharmacy Thrice, Refused To Leave But Demanded No Drugs

Often there are times when a lot of us wished that animals are gifted with the power of human speech. Well, aside from parrots, those guys are vulgar show-offs. Anyway, animals being able to speak would certainly be very useful. For instance, they could tell us to bugger off when we are chopping down their […]