Are Mexican Restaurants Banning Donald Trump Supporters?

Donald Trump

Several posts which appear to show anti-Donald Trump signage on Mexican restaurants have begun circulating on Facebook. One of the signs, posted on a Taco Cabana in San Antonio, Texas, says the taco chain will no longer be serving “people who display support for the views of the presidential candidate Donald Trump.”

It also says “You can’t have your taco and eat it too.”

Social News Daily reached out to Taco Cabana, and they informed us the sign was unauthorized. In a statement released to the press, chief operating officer Todd Coerver said:

“Taco Cabana’s first priority is to ensure our guests feel welcome to enjoy great tacos. Taco Cabana is not responsible for the placement of this unauthorized sign on our property. Other local restaurants in the San Antonio area have also been targeted. The sign has only appeared in one of our restaurants and we promptly removed the sign and have alerted all restaurants to remove any unauthorized signage.”

Other signs have been popping up on Mexican restaurants in the San Antonio area, including one posted at Mama Margie’s Mexican Cafe which reads:

Please note:

Due to his consistent disparaging comments directed toward Mexicans. [sic]


Thank you for your cooperation.

Mama Margie’s has likewise denied having any involvement in the placement of the sign. The manager of the Mama Margie’s location told a local reporter:

“We do know that it was not a Mama Margie’s employee or management… We have video of the person that came onto our premises, kind of looked around and posted the letter, so we’re looking at our options. We want everybody to come eat tacos and come drink a margarita and celebrate whatever political view they have.”

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