Sacha Baron Cohen Talks About Donald Trump, Nudity And The Most Graphic GIF You’ll Ever See [AMA]

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Sacha Baron Cohen is one of the most hilarious comedians in Hollywood. He will do anything for a laugh, literally anything. For example, remember that scene in Borat where he fought nude with his 250 pound co-star. Today, he hosted a Reddit AMA where he explained just how disgusting this scene really was to him.

“His buttocks was so big that I couldn’t actually breath when I was underneath there,” he wrote. “And I had a signal with the director, which was when I thought I was going to pass out, I would hit the mattress three times. If you look at the Borat film now, you will see that I do hit the mattress three times, and the director didn’t stop filming, which meant I was faced with this very stark choice, which was either to die, or to breathe in the rancid air from my costar’s rectum. And when I was underneath there, I decided to die. Luckily, my co-star moved off and I managed to finish the scene. Otherwise, that would have been a very inglorious end to my life. (sic)”

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This wasn’t the only topic the controversial comedian discussed. Cohen spoke about his various roles he has played throughout the year. His least favorite turned out to be Borat (well, obviously). His most liked was Bruno, the eccentric fashion journalist.

“He’s clean, he smells great, I have at least one or two people shaving off all my body hair every day, and he’s very well moisturized. And of course he has a bleached anus, which any man secretly wants. (sic)”

He also spoke about his recent appearance at the Oscars as his well-known character, Ali G. His angered the award show organizers as he stirred the racial controversy surrounding this year’s Oscars.

It was then that the discussion turned to politics after a Reddit user asked him what the wannabe gangster character would say to Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump.

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“Trump is a misogynist and I think it is disgusting the views he has on b**ches,” Cohen joked.

Trump’s bizarre presidential campaign has made it into Cohen’s newest film, The Brother Grimsby. In the film, Trump contracts HIV. The controversial topic has had some worried about potential lawsuits. So far, Trump has not commented on the film, which is due out in theaters on March 11. It has already been released in the UK to mixed reviews.

The Reddit AMA session is just one part of Cohen’s massive press tour for his film. Yesterday, he appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show.

As far as his new movie, The Brothers Grimbsy, this isn’t a family movie. In fact, there are some scenes that are so raunchy, it would make even the most perverted cringe.

He ended his AMA session with a message to his fans:
“Thank you Reddit! I really appreciate your support. Your questions were intelligent and surprising, and sometimes fucking cheeky. Check out the new film. It’s kinda Borat meets Bond; I’m really proud of it. And people are in hysterics around the world. Here’s a little GIF from me; it’s something the MPAA deemed was illegal for anyone under the age of 45. Unfortunately for them, we still put it in the movie…Hope Sony don’t realise I’ve done this!”

Oh, you wanted to see the GIF? Click here to see it. Warning: It is NSFW!

Are you happy now? You will never get that image out of your head. That is the stuff nightmares are made of.

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