First Couple Broke Presidential Protocol, Are Donald and Melania Separating?

Presidential protocols are put into place for a reason. They are old-school rules meant to be followed by all who take on the mantle of POTUS and first lady, but something that is once-in-a-lifetime just happened.

Donald and Melania entered Marine One via separate vehicles and entered the building each by themselves. No presidential couple has done this ever.

This begs the question many have been asking. Are Donald Trump and Melania getting separated, because the message they sent sure made it seem that way (and you DON’T break presidential protocol for ANY reason).

Well, first and foremost, a video to make them both feel better and then the sordid details:

Melania says that she showed up in a different vehicle and went in alone because they had different schedules, but um, you kind of don’t put ANYTHING above being president or first lady when you take that title on. What, she had a date? Had to get hair done? What in terms of priority comes above a presidential calling? Nothing.

So yes, something is wrong between them, no doubt, They made that very clear non-verbally.

Question is, are they separating?

Only time will tell, and we know THIS STORY didn’t help the Donald’s cause, so it doesn’t look promising for them and if this is how their end starts, you read it here first.

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