Apple App Store Now Features ‘Sharing Selfies’ Section

Apple App Store and Sharing Selfies Photo

Just days after General Colin Powell revealed his own selfies from the past, the team at Apple have released a new App Store section titled ‘Sharing Selfies.’

The new ‘Sharing Selfies’ section includes the likes of Picr, Frontback, Everyday, Shots, SnapDash, 1 Second Everyday, and of course Snapchat. The section offers a variety of free and paid apps which all offer their own take on the popular practice of selfie picture taking.

Once the practice of douchey weight lifters and Jersey Shore GTL’ers, the selfie has become a popular way to share our lives in real-time with our Facebook, Twitter, and other social media followers.

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There were four photo apps in the top 20 App Store downloads for 2013, including the selfie-focused “FaceTune” and the uber-popular Instagram.

In 2013 the Oxford dictionary added the word “selfie” to its storied list of socially accepted words.



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