LinkedIn Merges Pulse And Slideshare Policies Into Company’s General TOS

LinkedIn Changing TOS

Effective on March 26, 2014, the Terms of Service agreements for SlideShare and Pulse, will be tied directly into the social enterprise services general User Agreement and Privacy Policy (TOS). LinkedIn will also make other changes to its general Terms of Service agreement.

According to The Next Web, the following changes are on the horizon:

  • Member data: In Section 2.14, LinkedIn clarifies it will take steps to let members know about demands for their data unless it is legally prohibited from doing so, or the request is deemed an emergency. LinkedIn also says it may dispute such demands if it believes they are too broad, too vague, or lack proper authority.
  • In Section 2.12, LinkedIn clarifies that its corporate offerings include Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions, and Sales Solutions.
  • Mobile numbers: In Section 1.2, LinkedIn includes the forthcoming option to use your mobile number to sign in to LinkedIn.
  • Content Availability: In Section 4.1, LinkedIn emphasizes it’s important to be transparent that sometimes laws may require it to remove certain content (e.g. when it’s hurtful or infringing on others’ rights).

With a stronger emphasis on mobile and the willingness to move content (thanks China), it looks like LinkedIn’s new TOS is meant to help the company grow and change with the times.

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LinkedIn says it will add terminology that notes for customers that SlideShare can be personalized based on your LinkedIn profile, your network, and your engagement with content from both services. LinkedIn will also clearly note that Pulse will be able to deliver more relevant personalized professional content.

Further details about the direct integration of SlideShare and Pulse have not been revealed at this time.



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