Angelina Jolie Involved In Car Crash After ‘Unbroken’ Screening

Angelina Jolie was involved in a car crash last night after the premiere of her new film Unbroken. 

Fox News reports that the actress was riding in a black SUV when the vehicle crashed into the median. It’s unclear what caused the crash but the incident. The vehicle suffered a few popped tires and a couple dents in the crash. Angelina Jolie was not injured in the crash.

A witness said: “The car slammed into the curb at a significant speed. Angelina must have wondered if they hit another car. It was pretty bad — the tire exploded, and it’s amazing nothing worse happened to the car. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has whiplash.”

TMZ reports that several photographers gathered to take pictures of the scene. By the time police officers arrived, Jolie had left the scene in another car.

Angelina Jolie is getting rave reviews for hew new film Unbroken. Of course, this time she’s being praised as a director and not an actress. Variety claims that Unbroken is a shoe-in for an Oscar nomination this year and Jolie could also earn a nomination for best director.

Variety writes: “The film is a surefire best picture nominee, with Jolie likely to break into the director race. Acting categories could be harder to crack with such stiff competition, but star Jack O’Connell could make his way into the best actor race, and supporting actor Miyavi, who plays the main villain, also has a fair shot.”

Kokou Adzo

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