And Now, A Little Rant About Paul Walker’s Friend Roger Rodas

Roger Rodas meme

Paul Walker died this weekend. Almost immediately, some anus tart on the Internet made the above macro, and thousands of self-righteous moral crusaders without even an elementary grasp of situational irony decided to share it, thumbing their nose at the media establishment because Jesus Christ, A MAN DIED TODAY.

While SND would love to find the source of this meme so that we can …

… that would require that we give even the smallest of ghost shits for the half-wit who created it. It seems that most shares crawl backwards to an “R.I.P. Paul Walker” fan page with over 150,000 “likes” on Facebook. At least, that’s how our team and several of our sources became aware of it.

Though we all agreed at this morning’s board meeting that the desired course of action would be to find whoever made the macro and slam their nuggets in a drawer so that their loins will become incapable of bearing fruit, we ultimately decided on a slightly more passive-aggressive course of action: Pointing out the obvious.

This meme, which seeks to shame the American public for having an emotional reaction to the shocking and sudden death of a highly-recognized figure in entertainment, unfortunately proves its own point by not naming the non-famous guy who died with Paul Walker. The macro’s creator wants you to feel bad for not knowing the other guy’s name when he doesn’t even fucking know the other guy’s name.

Let me help you out, random neckbeard. The guy’s name is Roger Rodas.

Roger Rodas
Pictured: Right (The only guy in the picture who is not Paul Walker).

It might interest you to know that there’s actually a lot of media interest in Roger Rodas. USA Today, E! Online, the Daily News and dozens more profiled the man who died with Walker before the weekend was out. The best profile, at Heavy, reveals Rodas’ passion for cars and racing, his charitable ventures, his nationality, shoe-size, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

I’m going to wrap up at this point, but not before I point out that I categorized this post under “Social Tips,” which is SND’s section for “how-to’s” and instructional guides for navigating social media updates. The tip is this, and we’ve been here before: Don’t share stupid fucking bullshit.

As for the ham-fisted fuck who created this macro …


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