An Article From INSIDE Snowmageddon 2018 (in Northeast)

From the inside all I can say is this IS Snowmageddon. What you see above is a genuine picture of my kitchen window. I think the first thing you will notice it IT IS SNOWING SO BADLY OUTSIDE, IT IS SNOWING INSIDE MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW! I wonder how many people from the South are going to read this and NOT be able to relate:

There are moments you cannot even see outside your window, it is literally a whiteout.

But there is also quiet beauty to be found in the snowmageddon as long as you are locked down, safe and warm, like I am:

BUT (and there is always a but)….

I am writing this today because if it looks like this at noon and is supposed to go all day, safe to assume power may drop out at some point, at which point, I kick it old school and live by candle light while writing about Snowmageddon on ACTUAL PAPER.

Scary stuff, to be honest. I don’t even remember what paper looks like.

~Via My House Right Now, 1:00 p.m, 1/04/2018~



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