Amazon Introduces ‘Send To Kindle Button’ For Websites

Amazon Introduces the 'Send to Kindle Button' for websites

Amazon announced a new “Send to Kindle Button” for developers and website owners on the Kindle Blog yesterday.

Once it’s installed on a site, readers can click the button to send an article directly to a Kindle accounts for later reading. After content is sent to a Kindle account, it shows up everywhere on Kindle devices and in any of the free Kindle reading apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones or tablets.

Things you send to Kindle are saved in the cloud, and just like with other Kindle content, you can start reading on one device and finish on another.

If you have a Kindle, go ahead and try it:


Amazon released a browser-based button for Chrome and later Firefox last year to compete with services like Pocket and Instapaper. By giving website owners the ability to add the button, Amazon hopes to expand adoption. Kindle users will start to discover the Send to Kindle option on their favorite news sites and blogs without the burdon of installing a browser extension.

Developers have two options for adding the Send to Kindle Button to a site. There is a developer page that provides configuration options for button design and placement. There’s also a WordPress plugin.

If you own a website and want to add the Send to Kindle Button, you can get it for free or at for WordPress bloggers.

The new button launched on The Washington Post, TIME, and Boing Boing, but as commenter noted, not on the Kindle Blog.

Send to Kindle Button for Reading Blog posts and articles later

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