Amanda Bynes Talks Recent Arrest On Twitter, Jokes About Her Wig

Amanda Bynes Twitter

Amanda Bynes was busted on drug charges this week, and took to her Twitter account to explain what happened.

The former actress has been formally charged with attempted evidence tampering, reckless endangerment and marijuana possession, despite frequently saying that she does not smoke weed.

Shortly after her initial court appearance, Amanda Bynes jumped on Twitter to tell her 1.2 million followers what went down. Despite the charges, Bynes still says that she doesn’t smoke marijuana or even own a bong. She says that the joint she was reportedly smoking was just a cigarette, and the bong she allegedly threw out of her apartment window was just a harmless vase.

Interestingly, Bynes also tweeted about the wig she wore to court. She was forced to shave her head after her hair was damaged in a botched dye-job, and has been wearing wigs when she goes out. Her tweet on the wig looked to be a self-deprecating joke, and not as defensive as many of her recent Twitter interactions.

The girl’s still got it in the comedy department.

Bynes will be back in court on July 9. The judge has warned her against further bad behavior, threatening to significantly increase her bail. Just go out and buy your cigarettes instead of rolling them yourself, Ms. Bynes. better safe than sorry, right?

Are you a fan of Amanda Bynes? Do you think she’s nuts? Check out or very own Neal Campbell’s theory regarding the “troubled” actress below:

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  1. So sad to see a person I use to watch when I was little on Nick like this….it just seems like she keeps going further and further into trouble. Hopefully she can turn her life around soon.