(Almost) Everyone Is Having Sex At The Office Party: Survey

Office Party

With the holidays approaching, it’s time for the long-awaited office party! Time to break out the food, the bubbly — and a pack of condoms, while you’re at it.

Ann Summers, a British sex toy and lingerie company, conducted a survey on people’s — ahem — extra-co-curricular activities at holiday office parties. (As in, right at the party. Seriously.)

It turns out that from their 2,000 respondents, quite a lot of people do love to take their intimate “one-on-ones” in different locations in the office, with the IT crowd actually being the naughtiest of the the departments. Whether it’s just some kissing under the mistletoe, or some intense rocking around the Christmas tree, it’s highly likely that majority of the office spaces have seen some form of action — on top of desks, inside storage cupboards, maybe against the walls of the meeting room, and—the most popular choice of hookup location—in the parking lot. Of course, there are some couples who will happily take the romancing back to their apartments, discreet as you please.

Office Party
Oh, if only the printer, the blinds, and the walls of the board meeting room could talk.

Here are the lists of departments most likely to misbehave, and the most popular canoodling places. The numbers may surprise you.

  1. IT (76%)
  2. Legal (74%)
  3. HR (72%)
  4. Transport and logistics (72%)
  5. Finance (71%)
  6. Media and marketing (68%)
  7. Sales (67%)
  8. Business administration (57%)
  9. Health (52%)
  10. Education (45%)

Just like I mentioned above, IT takes the cake as the friskiest department. (I knew it; those computer-savvy folks can certainly charm more than just databases and passwords.) Employees in education like to stay polite in public at just 45%.

The top 5 places for some happy-holiday hooking up are:

  1. Car park (25%)
  2. Boardroom (21%)
  3. Storage cupboard (18%)
  4. Boss’s office (16%)
  5. On your desk (15%)

So however you decide to get busy this holiday season, always remember to (1) not get caught, and (2) have protection on you at all times.

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