Happy National Leave The Office Early Day!


Yes, it’s a thing. It’s official (of sorts), and it’s the perfect excuse to leave! The office early! Today!

Though do take note, it’s the sort of holiday that falls on the same level as National Rotisserie Chicken Day and National Rocky Road Day, so you may want to calm down a bit before tossing all your paperwork in the air and running for the exit, laughing manically.


Calm down, have some ice cream, or a chicken drumstick. It’s good for you.

So, how exactly did this most interesting holiday come to be? We all have Ms. Laura Stack, a specialist in employee productivity, to thank for. she noticed that the average American employee clocks in about 49 hours a week of work — practically 350 more hours a year than most Europeans. (Which is kinda something to think about what with Europe’s officil afternoon naps and closing shop at certain times of the day, and still having amazing health benefits and holiday leaves, but I digress. #prettyjealous)

RelaxShe also noticed that throughout the work day, many employees were prone to wasting time while on shift — and for very good reasons. first, employees end up thinking of other things they’d rather be doing than being at their 9-to-5 (and who hasn’t?), leading to daydreaming and distractions at work. Secondly, the thought of the endless cycle of work — when will it all end?! — can really bog down an employee’s feeling of well-being and motivation, making them work even slower. Let’s not even count the long hours, the overtime, the inflexible work schedule — all these will bear down on even the hardiest, most resilient employee. a person’s gotta be given a break sometime.

Hence, the National Leave The Office Early Day. Just bear in mind the thought behind this day: the quicker things get done at the most optimal levels, the better for everyone involved — the employee, the business, and of course, profits.

So, celebrate today! If you are an employee, ask your boss permission to leave early, as soon as all your tasks are done for the day. If you are a boss of a privately-owned company, tell your employees they can clock out early after all the tasks are finished. Maybe treat them to some after-work rotisserie chicken and tubs of Rocky Road while you’re at it. You all deserve the sweetest break today.

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