After Being Rescued, Poor Dog Still Believes In Human Love Despite Being Betrayed By Former Owner

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Humans can be capable of utterly bad things sometimes. Some of them might have also experienced the same trauma but should know better than to repeat the same cycle of hate and abuse. Unfortunately, one poor dog was a victim of this and was left alone in the woods by his former master with no food or water.

Luckily for the good boy, good samaritan Jana Creel was there to help him. Jana rescued to the unnamed dog who was obviously a victim of animal abuse. He was chained and left to die in some remote place by his previous owner.

Most dogs who experience this sort of betrayal from their loved ones usually end up being aloof and wary of human beings, having experienced the bad things we are capable of.

However, the dog Jana rescued was not devoid of hope for humanity. He actually welcomed Jana’s care and appears to still believe that humans are capable of love and not just the bad things he experienced from us. Take a look at his beautiful gesture here, and prepare your tissue rolls.

By his dirty and disheveled appearance, he seems to have been alone for quite a while. It must have been ages in dog years since his owner left him and never came back. Surprisingly, his eyes are still gleaming with the hope that someone will love him again as a loyal pet and companion. He just wants to be loved again the same way he loves and trusts human beings. We hope no other good boy will have to suffer the same way he did though, let’s all be responsible pet owners.

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