A look at the Latest Catastrophes Tormenting the World

The world is currently crippled by a global health pandemic. However, more and more catastrophes seem to be continuously tormenting the world. Threats of a recession, unemployment, and illness do not seem to be enough punishment for mankind. Explosions, threats of war, and accidents are happening. What is worse is that there are natural calamities like volcanic eruptions, flooding, landslides, and heavy rains currently being experienced in the world.

Here is a look of some of the current catastrophes tormenting the world:

Horrifying Lebanon Blast

Beirut was shaken by a magnanimous explosion in one of the biggest ports in the country. The explosion had a total radius of more than a hundred miles. It was so large that it created a crater 43 meters deep.  The disaster resulted in thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths. Many more remain missing, and rescuers have lost hope to find any remaining survivors. Many people were afraid, US President Trump even insists that it was a terrorist attack. However, there are allegations that the explosion was an accident that resulted from government irresponsibility.

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It was reported that this amount of ammonium nitrate was not supposed to be at the port, to begin with. Instead, it came from a Russian vessel that was stranded at the port several years prior due to some legal disputes in an illegal port entry. Why it was never contained properly after that still remains to be answered. Days after the horrifying blast, citizens are still calling onto their government to give answers over the disaster. Information Minister and the Justice Minister resigns as well, following multiple calls of accountability from the citizens.

Heavy Flooding in Southern China

Threats to food security and hikes in food prices are felt in China after thousands of acres of farmland are devastated by intense flooding. As the region experienced one of the worst monsoon seasons in recent years, rice crops and other products had been wiped out just weeks prior to the harvest season. One of the farmers even exclaimed that since the land is still underwater, this year’s harvest seems to be an impossibility now. Thousands of families have been evacuated from heavily flooded areas and are currently in a temporary shelter in nearby provinces.

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While importing food still is a possibility, the current coronavirus pandemic might make it very difficult and tricky. Currently, China is heavily relying on the US for import of grains following a trade deal signed earlier this year. However, experts from China pointed out that this is ill-advised as US exports may be heavily affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Also, many other countries have suspended food exports following threats of recession due to the pandemic.

Threats of World War III

If natural calamities and other catastrophes are not enough to torment the whole world, multiple threats of World War III are being felt in different parts of the globe. Just this year alone, there are different places in the world where threats of World War III were felt.

Earlier this year, before the global pandemic crippled the world, tensions between the US and Iran threatened a Third World War. A high ranking official from Iran was killed by an attack from US forces. Soon, Iran threatened to produce a counter-attack against the US and “unintentionally” shot down a Ukrainian plane. To add to this, the US is also in a clash against Turkey after the former backed down on their support for the latter to clear the Syrian border of the Kurds. The US threatened that Turkey will be sanction for their actions. The Turkish government then threatened that they have nuclear weapons.

South Korea’s Longest Monsoon in Seven Years

For the last month, the Southeastern region of South Korea had been experiencing heavy torrential rain. This is one of the longest monsoon seasons experienced by the region in the last seven years which has lasted about 46 days to date. It is estimated that about 22,000 acres of farmland have been affected by heavy rains, flooding, and landslides. People in Seoul have been given warning against heavy rains and possible flooding. North Korea also warned the same for its citizens.

After days of what seemed like never-ending rain, South Korea came under the direct influence of Tropical Cyclone Jangmi. The unbelievable power of Tropical Cyclone Jangmi has displaced almost 6,000 people in over 11 provinces all over South Korea. There had been about 30 deaths since the heavy rains came and a total of 12 people remain missing. Strong winds and waves capsized three fishing vessels in the Uiam dam where three lost their lives and another three are still missing. Five homes were buried after a massive landslide in the South Joella Province leaving five people dead.

Kerala Plane Crash

Heavy rains in Karipur airport lead to a devastating accident when an Air India Express Flight overshot the tabletop runway during landing. A total of eighteen people lost their lives including both the pilot and the co-pilot. What makes the catastrophe even worse is the fact that one of the survivors tested for coronavirus. Now all rescuers and other survivors have to be tested for the virus as well.

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