A Female Astrophysicist’s Response to Sexist Guy at Airport Will Make You Scream “YAS QUEEN”

A female astrophysicist who blasted a rude man on Twitter has sparked a new discussion about gender bias in tech.

Amber Roberts, an astrophysicist and programme director, went viral after sharing a run-in with an sexist stranger at the airport.

On Twitter, she said:

“*I take out both of my laptops at airport security* Random guy: *scoffs* “What do you need 2 laptops for?” Me: “Well one is for my astrophysics work and one is for my artificial intelligence work.” #priceless #WomenInSTEM #womenintech #ai #GirlBoss”

Unsurprisingly, her post has been retweeted thosands of times, and it wasn’t long before it reached Reddit, where it ignited a debate on misogyny in STEM industries.

Following up her original tweet with a new thread about sexism in science and techology, Roberts said: “I am now trending on r/Iamverysmart.

“If anyone is curious as to why women might feel unwelcome in tech, check it out. To be clear about the guy asking about my laptops he was talking down to me using a patronizing voice, he also asked twice believing I owed him an explanation.”

(For those not in the know, r/Iamverysmart is a forum dedicated to ripping apart people “trying to too hard to be smart,” because a woman showcasing her intelligence is apparently a bad thing).

As usual, Twitter had plenty of opinions on the matter, both positive and negative

And of course, some men HAD to argue her decision to carry two laptops instead of one

But mostly people were inspired by Robert’s obvious brains and epic clapback skills

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