Actor Reveals Directors’ Embarrassingly Sexist Casting Call Notices


Many actor would do anything for the sake of art. However, some things are  just downright sexist, rude, and horribly unacceptable.

An actor who goes by the Twitter handle Miss L revealed to the Twitterverse the stupid, sexist, and sometimes hilarious casting notices he sees for women. Miss L  has been at her career fr ten years, and perhaps these tweets are a sign that enough is enough.

However, that doesn’t mean she can’t have a good laugh while having a good vent, too.

“I was finding the casting calls so ridiculous that I just had to share them to show people what actors are dealing with on a daily basis,” Miss L shared with Mashable. “It’s a constant in so many of the casting calls I read, whether it’s blatant sexism in stating how a woman should look or act, or castings where men are playing the leads and women are playing secondary roles.”

Just how secondary? The notices can go from nudity…

… to some really weird disembodied nudity, …


… to some odd fetish-y direction choices.

There’s cavorting with a time-honored after-school snack …

… To even some surprise air sex.

Hmm, getting assaulted by an invisible force, and the idea of slugs while doing so? Nope, pass.

Only young, nubile, good-looking women need apply.

Miss L wants to raise awareness about this level of sexism in the entertainment and film industry, nd hopes these tweets have done their part in it. “If it only encourages a few people to consider the choices they make about their female characters, then that can only be a good thing.”

Feature image courtesy of KlausHausmann

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