90’s Gamers On r/gaming Always Be Like … [Video]

90s gamers video

Fellow 90’s gamers, you know exactly what we sound like on social media, gaming boards, YouTube comments and r/gaming.

We sound like pretentious douches.

But it’s all for the love. The love of a time when staying up until 4AM with a bag of Doritos, a 12-pack of Mountain Dew, and Ocarina of Time in the ’64 wasn’t yet “acceptable” behavior (I guess it still isn’t, but at least society is used to it now). The love of a time when three of your friends had to be in the same room with you in order for you to kick their ass in Goldeneye, and on that note, a time when the “bazooka n00b” was invented, even though he didn’t have a name yet.

Only 90’s gamers will remember exactly when 2D games went 3D; that time when we never thought that graphics could get any better. Only 90’s gamers will remember when Resident Evil was scary and difficult, and how a little-known console called PlayStation changed everything. Only 90’s gamers will remember Final Fantasy VII, and rabidly defend the choice to use polygonal-chibi sprites in world gameplay.

Only 90’s gamers will … shit. I sound exactly like the guy in the video, don’t I?

Posted to r/videos today, this year-old clip from YouTuber skylark puts the endless proselytizing from 90’s gamers on r/gaming in its place with genuine aplomb and humor. Let’s have a sense of humor about ourselves, fellow 90’s gamers.

On a semi-related note, if anyone is in the middle of Dark Souls II right now, reach out to me on Twitter. I’ve got opinions, and I’m sure you do too!

[Image: Hamish Duncan]

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