8 Photos Of Trump Stuffing His Face That Will Have You In Hysterics

Photos Of Trump Eating

Donald Trump certainly seems to embrace American stereotypes. He’s arrogant, lazy, ignorant, and his gluttonous eating habits have provided us with nearly as much entertainment as his Twitter feed. Regardless of where you land on the political spectrum, these photos of Trump stuffing his face will have you in hysterics.

1. Steak Noms

Look at that face! Nothing like a juicy cut of steak to get Trump in the mood. For what, it’s hard to tell. It’s safe to say that the president has never made this face in the presence of his wife. Stormy Daniels probably got a glimpse or two at it though.

2. Pizza Binge

You better believe that Trump ate that entire pie himself. No judgment, I’ve done it myself on numerous occasions. That side-eye he’s giving is just too good not share though. There must be a tray of stuffed cheesy bread over in the corner.

3. Pizza On A Fork

Photos Of Trump Eating

No matter how large a slice of pizza is, no true New Yorker eats it with a fork and knife. Either Trump didn’t get the memo or he’s attempting to humor Sarah Palin who appears to have never seen pizza before him her life.

4. Chowing On Chicken

Photos Of Trump Eating

Everything tastes better when it’s put on a stick. Chicken, beef, donuts. It presents eating as an entirely new experience like pole dancing did for exercise, and you just can’t help but give it a try. At least his facial expression in this photo makes his MAGA hat look slightly less ridiulous.

5. Game Night Hot Dog

Photos Of Trump Eating

There’s nothing better than a game night hot dog, and by the sight of Trump’s borderline grotesque tongue action here he probably feels the same. On the plus side, the sight of these two sitting courtside devouring their footlongs likely inspired the players to keep it in their pants and call it an early night after the game. The Trumps just might have saved a few of those guys from years of baby-mama drama and child support payments.

6. An Ice Cream Trilogy Part One

Photos Of Trump Eating

Trump loves to eat food that comes on a stick, and ice cream is no exception. Along with his footlong hot dog, Trump seems to also enjoy something sweet while watching a game, inspiring this three-part love story. The saga begins with Trump’s most nauseating seduction move, as he uses his tongue to lure in his vict…err… love interest. Which, in this case, is a popsicle.

7. An Ice Cream Trilogy Part Two

Once Trump has seduced his target to an appropriate level, which for him is roughly thirty seconds after he notices the popsicle’s ass, he just goes for it. Shoves the whole thing in his mouth, whether they want it or not. See, he’s a celebrity, so he can do whatever he wants.

8. An Ice Cream Trilogy Part Three

Photos Of Trump Eating

Once Trump has his ice cream in his mouth, there’s no going back. It’s devoured in minutes, leaving behind a shaken and confused naked popsicle stick who will spend years in therapy trying to forget the encounter.

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