8 Must-Follow Parody Twitter Accounts


Twitter has become a hotbed for quickly sharing news or updates, and has also become a great place for a quick laugh. While 140 characters is not a lot to work with, many manage, and manage very well.

The social network has been pretty open from the beginning, allowing parody accounts as long as users make it clear the account is a parody.

From Betty White to the NSA, there many great examples. Here are just some of our favorites:

Jesus Christ

Jesus is a pretty busy guy, and he somehow finds time to use Twitter. Although he has a pretty big following, you should not expect him to follow you back anytime soon.

The Tweet Of God

Not to be confused with Jesus, God tweets when he is not busy working on the universe. Showing his support for great music, God only follows Justin Bieber.

Betty F*ckin’ White

From The Golden Girls to her quick wit, Betty White is a national treasure. What makes this parody account great is that you could actually hear her saying most of the things that are posted.

The Batman

The caped crusader himself, Batman is not always fighting crime or figuring out a way to spend his billions.

Not Mark Zuckerberg

Not as popular as the real guy on Faceboook, Not Mark Zuckerberg cracks a good joke every once in a while.

Modern Seinfeld

What would happen if Seinfeld was still on air? The Modern Seinfeld Twitter account explores that idea, and you can just picture scenes playing out in your head.


The NSA has been the butt of many jokes ever since PRISM leaked, and this recently helped spur the trending hashtag #NSAPickUpLines.

THE Gary Busey

Gary Busey is known to be a little out there, and this account is no exception. Get your dose of random wisdom, and, wait a second…this is Gary Busey’s actual Twitter profile.

What are your favorite parody Twitter accounts?

Kokou Adzo

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