British Airways Customer Promotes Bad Experience Via Sponsored Tweets

British Airways Attacked Via Promoted Tweets

Twitter user Hasan Syed (@HVSVN) was so disgruntled with British Airways service that he took out several Promoted Tweets to attack the company.

The service was apparently so bad that Syed decided to take out paid tweets to attack the company. The company lost his dad’s luggage and then seemed disinterested in finding the luggage.

Not happy with accepting a lost baggage payment from the airline @HVSVN instead spend money to attack the airline and warn other customers.

Many bad customer service stories trend on Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook, but apparently Syed wanted to ensure that his story reached the biggest audience possible.

The Twitter user specifically targeted the New York and UK markets which are both huge hubs for British Airways.

Here is one of the promoted tweets sent out by the angry and we assume former British Airways customer:

As his promoted tweets went public other Twitter users began to ask him about his decision to spend money to bad mouth British Airways:

Some British Airways customers disagreed with his experience but the disgruntled customer was more than happy to fight back against the naysayers:

The promoted tweets appear to be working at the hashtag #BASucks was born from the ashes:

British Airways finally responded by apologize and noting that as a billion dollar company they only have 9-5 social media representation:

Hasan Syed went to bed after hours of attacking British Airways but promised to show his ad spend and metrics numbers in the next 24 hours.

Would you spend money to badmouth a company that wronged you?

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