7 Most Ridiculous Stunts A Country’s Leader Has Ever Pulled

Ridiculous Stunts By A Country's Leader

Most leaders around the world will do just about anything to stay on top, especially if their dignity or popularity is being challenged. Suddenly they become the lead in some cheesy romantic comedy desperate to make some kind of grand gesture and win over the public. In real life, this would likely result in absolute humiliation, but when you’re the leader of a country you have a whole team of people behind you ready to ensure you come out looking like a hero. It’s all about PR, but some of these leaders have taken it too far in the past. These are some of the most ridiculous stunts a country’s leader has ever pulled off.

Kim Jong-il Claimed To Have Invented The Burger

Ridiculous Stunts By A Country's Leader

North Korea’s second Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-il, apparently enjoyed cheeseburgers so much during his travels overseas that he brought them home. Called the “double bread with meat” the burger was introduced to their country in 2000 and can now be enjoyed by millions. Since the entire country is cut off from the rest of the world, North Korean citizens had no problem believing that the cheeseburger was an entirely new kind of meal, invented by Jong-il himself. Imagine how pissed they’d be to learn that burgers have been around forever and that they come in dozens of varieties. Turkey burgers. Veggie burgers. Bacon burgers. Double Cheeseburgers. Mini burgers. It would blow their minds.

Putin Hired Women To Fawn Over Him

Ridiculous Stunts By A Country's Leader

It would seem that Russian president Vladimir Putin would like the public to see him as somewhat of a womanizer. At least that’s what this ridiculous stunt would leave us to believe. Before an annual Russian celebration in which there would be a parade that Putin was to partake in, he was walking through the Red Square in Moscow when he was suddenly mobbed by a group of women in wedding gowns. The brides were overly excited to see their president, requesting selfies and fawning all over him. Obviously, the media thought this was strange as there were no grooms in sight and that these women just happened to all be brides in the same place, on the same day. It was later revealed that they were actresses (or prostitutes) and had posted rehearsals on their social media pages of what was supposed to look like an impromptu meeting with the president. No wonder he gets along so well with Trump. They both like to pay women to make them feel like they’re attractive.

The Dominican Republic’s Leader Made It All About Him

Ridiculous Stunts By A Country's Leader

Rafael Trujillo may have been assassinated in the ’60s, but prior to that, he was the leader of the Dominican Republic for over 30 years. During his time in office, or wherever he led from over there in between mass executions, he created an over-the-top event called the Fair of Peace and Fraternity of the Free World. It was literally created just so he could crown his daughter Queen, even though the island isn’t run by a royal family. The event was also an excuse to celebrate Trujillo’s wife and her many accomplishments. He praised her for being a highly regarded writer and philosopher, even though in reality she was nearly illiterate. Taking into consideration this, all the murders, and his incessant need to name every building and mountain after himself, it’s no wonder he was assassinated.

Haitian President Claimed He Killed JFK With A Voodoo Curse

Ridiculous Stunts By A Country's Leader

Francois Duvalier, who deemed himself “President for Life” of Haiti, convinced people that he was a manifestation of the voodoo spirit of Baron Semedi. Semedi was widely known throughout Haiti as being big in voodoo, and this actually gave Duvalier more control as people feared him for having connections to the other side. So, when John F. Kennedy was killed Duvalier naturally took credit for it by telling people he was able to form a voodoo curse by collecting the air around the president. Not only did Haitians believe this nonsense, but it’s thought that Duvalier believed it himself as well.

Back To Kim Jong-il

Ridiculous Stunts By A Country's Leader

Kim Jong-il was so insane, he made this list twice. Aside from claiming he invented cheeseburgers, he also kidnapped a South Korean movie director and his wife who happened to be an actress. Jong-il then forced them to make him a bunch of movies over the span of several years. Apparently, the North Korean dictator had taken over the country’s film industry and wasn’t happy with the movie selection at the time. The kidnapped couple played nice with Jong-il throughout their imprisonment, making him several movies including a Godzilla knock-off. Jong-il was so thrilled with the movie that he gave his captives permission to travel to Vienna on business, finally giving them the opportunity to escape.

Kim Jong-Un Forced The Country To Mourn His Father

Ridiculous Stunts By A Country's Leader

Speaking of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un has performed quite a few stunts during his reign so far as well. He even went as far as to receive plastic surgery to make him resemble his grandfather, something that would likely have occurred naturally if he had just given it a few decades. When his father died, it became mandatory across all of North Korea to mourn his death. Those who needed assistance with making their crocodile tears appear more realistic were given step-by-step instructions from spokesmodels. Aside from appearing as if they were in mourning, North Koreans were also required to attend all grieving events, otherwise, they were sent to work at the labor camps for six months. Nice, huh?

Stalin And Cannibal Island

Ridiculous Stunts By A Country's Leader

Joseph Stalin was determined to create a utopian society, and anyone who didn’t fit into his idea of perfection was exiled. This included petty criminals and poor people that were a blemish on Stalin’s idea of perfection. Over 6,000 of these people were sent to Nazino Island in Siberia, which later became known as Cannibal Island. Soldiers stood by to hunt down anyone who tried to escape, making some kind of Hunger Games event out of it. Since there was very little vegetation or animals on the island, those who died of starvation were soon listed on the island’s main menu. When those who died naturally weren’t enough to feed the rest, people started hunting each other just to stay alive. At least Stalin got his perfect country through without all of those pesky poor people around to muck it up.


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