67% Of Shoppers Purchase Gifts Found On Social Media

Social Media

Social media can play a big part in the holiday shopping season, reveals an infographic from Crowdtap.

Titled “The Social Side Of Holiday Shopping,” it dives into the impact that friend recommendations, and social media have on the process.

67 percent of shoppers purchased gifts discovered on social media, and 64.8 percent use social media to “find the perfect gift.”

44.3 percent of holiday shoppers discover deals through friend recommendations, and recommendations through Facebook or Twitter have the biggest influence on purchases at 24.8 percent.

TV commercials came in at 13.6 percent, shared links at 12.9 percent, friend’s pins on Pinterest at 12.2 percent and blog posts at 10.7 percent.

Friend’s Instagram photos also influenced purchases at 7 percent.

Starting in September 2012, Facebook launched the ability to send digital or physical gifts, and the social network influences purchasing gifts the most at 39.3 percent.

Pinterest comes in second at 19.7 percent, Twitter in third at 14.4 percent, followed by blogs at 13.5 percent and Instagram at 9.8 percent.

Crowdtap also asked, “Which of the following types of content would you be most likely to share on Facebook during the holidays?”

Here were the findings:

  • 67.2 percent – Digital coupon
  • 63.4 percent – Link to contest, sweepstakes or giveaway
  • 59.2 percent – Info about a big holiday sale
  • 44.7 percent – Review or recommendation
  • 41.6 percent – Photo of shopping trip
  • 33.1 percent – Personal holiday shopping list

To learn more about the impact social media and friends have on holiday shopping, you can check out the infographic below.

Kokou Adzo

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