6 Proven Techniques for Strengthening Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

Businesses cannot compete effectively without a social media presence. But strengthening your brand’s presence requires more than just creating an account or multiple accounts on this medium. You’ll have to do more to get noticed and produce results that will improve sales and keep your customers coming back. 

Smart marketers know how to leverage these social sites to enhance their image and entice their followers to buy from them. A strong social media presence can be achieved with these tips.

6 Techniques to strengthen your brand on social media

Image by Łukasz Dyłka from Pixabay

1. Maintain consistency across all social media platforms.

Being consistent promotes recognition of your brand and develops market reach and user engagement. Social media platforms differ in features and functionality, and while you don’t have to be on all of them, it’s important to maintain consistency on those platforms you choose to be on.

Here are guides to maintaining a consistent social media presence on various platforms:

Claim your brand name and use it on all your social media accounts even if you aren’t setting up the account yet, to prevent it from being taken by another entity. 

Use the same profile photo and tagline.

Stick with the same theme, whether it’s the background image or a logo.

Post the same message and campaign on your chosen platforms. What a user sees on Facebook must be the same as what they see on Instagram or YouTube.

Image by Arun Kumar from Pixabay

2. Increase your followers. 

Having many followers on your social media sites will raise your credibility and result in more sales. Satisfied customers help spread the word about your product or brand, and ultimately strengthens your social media presence. Posting and promoting regular high-quality content will net followers and subscribers. You can send requests to friends to like your page on Facebook, ask people to follow you on Instagram for quick results.  Keep them interested with superior quality posts and videos so that they will continue to watch and follow you.

3. Post regularly.

It’s frustrating for users seeking information to click on your company’s social media account and find that the last post was a year ago. They will wonder if you’re still in business or have closed shop. Posting on a regular basis will strengthen your brand’s social media presence and update your followers on what’s new. 

Most business owners are too busy to post consistently. You can assign the responsibility to another person, with your prior approval of the post, or you can create content ahead of time and schedule them. Posting frequency varies depending on your business. It may be daily or once a week, or a month. just make sure to update regularly.

4. Connect with people and build relationships.

Social media isn’t a contest of who has the most followers. It’s more of building relationships and connecting with them. When you have achieved this, they become your loyal clients and customers. How do you build relationships on this medium? 

Respond to your audience. Acknowledge their comments as soon as you can, tag them, and reply or like where appropriate. For criticisms, explain and apologize. Offer a solution, if possible. Always maintain a professional or friendly tone. 

5. Promote your platform through other means.

Organic ways to promote your platform are great but with the stiff competition, it will be a long time before you can achieve your set goal. You can purchase followers on Instagram or buy Youtube subscribers on YoutubeGrow instead. Coupled with great content, your huge following will attract other users. What matters most next is how you manage your site that will keep them interested enough to go on subscribing. 

6. Keep up to date with trends.

Trends are always evolving. Be updated on what’s hot in your industry to avoid being labelled as antiquated. Visuals, content and hashtags are constantly changing. To keep up, monitor the trends of prominent players and the mistakes that backfired so you can avoid them. 

With trends, you keep your social media platforms contemporary, current and fresh, drawing in subscribers, followers and customers.



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