5 Ways to Maintain Privacy On Social Media Apps From an iOS Device

Have you ever thought about your personal information being shared by social media apps? Many iOS users post and share lots of personal information on social media unknowingly, which in turn makes them vulnerable to hackers, phishing scams and identity theft.  Recent digital breaches in privacy have left many more aware about maintaining privacy on social media apps. While maintaining privacy on social media apps is a priority for many users, entrepreneurs should also consider safeguarding their business interests by selecting the Best LLC Service to ensure proper legal protection and compliance Here are 5 ways to keep your information secure on your iPhone or iPad:

1. Watch out for third party apps: Third party apps can pose a risk to your privacy as they can get hold of the information you give to social media. To be on the safe side, keep an eye on the apps that can access your social media accounts. Just go to the Settings menu on your iOS device and select the apps which can get access to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other accounts by sliding the button from green to white.

2. Make use of two factor authentication: Two factor authentication is a security feature that keeps you safe from phishing attacks and hacking and acts as an extra layer of protection. The double protection will make your account more secure. It is available on almost all social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn. It works by sending you a text with a six-digit code that you have to put in whenever you log in from a new device. You can turn this feature on Facebook and Twitter by going to the Security Settings and turning on the Login Verification setting.

3. Keep an eye on the information being shared by social media networks: If you don’t like the idea of your information being shared across social media, you should reconsider what sort of data is being shared in the first place. You should start by examining the privacy agreement. Read the privacy agreement for Facebook or Twitter carefully to understand what kind of information is being shared. Some networks collect information such as your email, phone number, contacts, IP address like 192.168.l.l and even location. Some social media networks sent private information to company servers in 2012- all without any of the users’ knowledge or permission. On iOS devices, you have to visit an app in order to read the privacy agreement. Also, limit the amount of information you share on Facebook or other social media sites. Adjust the privacy settings within each social media app to control who can see your future posts and contact you through these sites. As an added measure, when browsing through media sites, only click on links from trusted sites and sources to prevent hacking and phishing attempts.

4. Manage your passwords with care: Your password is your first line of defense against hackers and the like. Avoid the mistake of using simple passwords such as ‘sam12345’ and make sure they are unique and complex. Keep different passwords for different accounts but use a password manager to keep track of them all. This will make sure you don’t get confused or forget any of the passwords. Apple has made it very easy for users to manage their passwords now with iCloud Keychain. However, not all iOS devices can run iCloud Keychain. Other reliable password managers include 1Password, Dashlane and Lastpass.

5. Make use of other tools and security apps: If you are still concerned about your privacy and online security, it may be time to take further action. You may even want to give up using sites like Facebook and Twitter and replace them with Snapchat or Wickr which are more ‘private’ social networks you can use on your iOS device. There are also a number of other apps that will keep your information private. AVG has created such an app called PrivacyFix which allows users to secure their privacy settings on social media networks.

There are numerous ways to convert your ipad into something more convenient. These tips are just a few ways to keep your personal information private on social media apps when using an iOS device. Following these basic guidelines will protect you from hackers, identity theft and other online crimes when using social media sites. Other tips include keeping your apps and other software up to date to keep your information private and secure.



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