5 Ways to Engage More Viewers with Social Media Videos

Videos have become a fixture on social media, and more people watch more hours of videos consistently with every passing year. Brands have quickly caught on to the benefits of videos, and one in particular has driven them to wholeheartedly embrace videos: Engagement.

The fact that videos are able to provide higher engagement levels that any other type of content is indisputable, and has been proven time and time again. However whether a particular video is able to live up to that potential is another question entirely and depends on several factors.

If you want to engage more viewers with your social media videos, it is important that you focus on several areas in particular:

Shorter and more tightly focused videos

Generally viewers on social media aren’t going to hang around to see the end of 10-minute-long videos, and your retention rates are bound to be poor if your videos are too long. It is best to aim for videos that are a minute or two long at most, and tightly focused around the topic so that they are able to hook the viewer and grab their attention within the first 8 to 10 seconds.

Include subtitles

Subtitles are often underrated, but they can have a huge impact on your engagement levels due to the increasing numbers of viewers who watch videos on mute, or with the volume turned down. If nothing else you can look at it as a way to capture a segment of your viewers that are likely to remain unengaged otherwise. To add to that the presence of subtitles provides videos with a professional sheen, which has a certain amount of appeal in its own right.

Broadcast live videos

Over the last year or so live videos have become a major trend across most social media platforms, and they have proven to be able to attract more viewers and improve engagement levels. While not all brands may be able to take advantage of the benefits of live videos, considering how popular they are currently it would be worth your while to make an attempt to do so. It is worth noting that live videos can be a particularly effective form of brand culture videos, or can be used to provide more informative content in the form of webinars, panel discussions, and so on.

Craft compelling headlines

As much as your instinct may be to focus on the videos, you shouldn’t neglect the headlines that precede them on your social media posts. Most platforms allow for headlines to accompany the video in some form or other, and crafting more compelling headlines is going to interest more viewers and improve the likelihood that the video will be able to engage them. One way to start down the right part is to make sure your headlines highlight the video’s benefit, and how it can help the viewer in some way.

Encourage interaction

Social media is driven by interaction, and it is a key aspect of engagement as well. Via your video’s Call To Action (CTA), you should attempt to encourage interaction, including (but not limited to) comments, polls, shares, and so on. Keep in mind that interaction is a two-way street, and make it a point to respond to your viewers that reach out.

By following the steps listed above, you should be able to see a marked increase in engagement levels for your social media videos. Of course quality also has a part to play, which is why it can help to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record high quality video footage and then edit and improve it afterwards. With its features you can cut and join video segments, apply special effects, add background music, insert animated transitions, and much more – ultimately creating the kind of engaging videos that will give you a leg up on social media.


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