5 Ways How DIY Experts Can Increase Leads Using Social Media

To provide help to people with their home improvement needs or personal projects, DIY experts – from people who offer handyman services to those who perform asbestos removal – will need to effectively reach out to their target market. One of the better ways of doing this is by connecting with online users using social media.

If you’re one of these DIY experts looking to boost your social media efforts to generate leads and land more clients, then take this post as a DIY guide on how you can get the best out of your online efforts.

Create consistent and attractive social media pages

If you are using multiple social media accounts to broaden your lead acquisition efforts, make sure that all your accounts have the same profile picture, preferably your business logo. You can play around with the cover photos to give each social media page a distinct feel while still working within your branding.

More importantly, you need to use your social media pages to engage with your audience. You must reply to their messages, post engaging content that doesn’t always have to come from your site, and more.

The guys from Quickpick Locksmiths have done this to great effect. Their  social media features customer reviews and updates about their services.

Test out the types of content that work best

Send out messages with different tones of voice on the social sites you’ve registered and check which among your messages generate the most impressions and interaction. Use a social media dashboard tool like HootSuite to efficiently schedule messages and track the performances of each. More importantly, make your posts consistent to your website content to maintain your branding across all channels.

The most important thing in generating leads on social media is to never hard sell on majority of your posts. Constantly trying to gain sensitive information from your followers can irritate them, leading to getting blocked or ignored. In this case, you need to diversify the types of message you send out. Try asking questions to your audience, sharing content from other sites that your followers will find interesting, and sending out exclusive DIY tips. From here, you once you’ve developed a substantial amount of fans and followers, you can then send out messages that promote your DIY services or landing pages with a sign-up form for your lead generation campaigns.

Produce how-to videos

Arguably the best way to prove that you know your craft is by producing a series of videos about solving specific DIY problems that’s up your alley. Detail the step-by-step process on how to solve the issue and upload the video on Youtube. From here, you can promote the video using your other social media accounts to drive more traffic to it. You can also write a blog post and feature the video to get more views from it.

By producing high-quality how-to DIY videos on Youtube like how DIY Network does it will help drive more interest and inquiries about your services from interested parties.

Set up alerts

Go to Topsy and Google Alerts to set up a e-mail alerts that you’ll receive once there are new blog posts or social media messages about your chosen keyword related to your DIY services. Depending on the kind of message you receive from the alerts, you can reach out to the users who mentioned the keyword in their post and build a relationship with them that you can leverage into a sale later on!

Offer discounts to early buyers

Launch a periodical campaign that allows you to slash off the price on your premium DIY services at a limited time. Promote this on all your social media sites to maximize your reach. This is to promote scarcity and encourage people to buy from you now than later.

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