5 Clever Kickstarter Campaigns Worth Backing in 2015

2014 was yet another successful year for Kickstarter, with a broad range of projects securing funding as well as a host of successful launches for products and services financed by users of the crowdfunding platform.

Now it’s time to see what 2015 will bring — and it certainly seems that there are plenty of promising projects worthy of your support. From pizza to pro wrestling, there are talented people using Kickstarter to find backing for intriguing ideas that might otherwise go undeveloped. Here are some projects that you can help make a reality right this second.


Pizza Foundation

For more than a decade, Pizza Foundation has been a favorite destination for residents of Marfa, Texas. However, it’s now time for the pizzeria to move on to bigger premises, and they need the help of the crowd to do so.


The proprietors of Pizza Foundation have already acquired 33,000 sq ft of land, and now they’re looking for the money they need to erect a large steel building on that plot. Their hope is that with more space they can continue to grow as they have done since Pizza Foundation was born back in 2003, and continue to be a focal point for the surrounding community.

Pizza can truly bring people together, and as well as a delicious product, Pizza Foundation are committed to employing local people and encouraging them to develop skills and even pursue their own business opportunities. There’s a lot to like about how this project is being run and the thought behind it — however, there’s still a long way to go before the future of the Foundation is secured.


The Coven Playing Cards

Kickstarter is a great place for graphic designers and artists to produce short runs of their work, safe in the knowledge that every individual piece will go to a good home — and that’s exactly what Kirk Slater is doing with ‘The Coven’, a rather beautiful set of playing cards.


Slater describes himself as a designer, a fan of magic tricks and a small-time deck collector, so it was only a matter of time before he set to designing and releasing a deck of his own. The results are very striking, and would be a boon for anyone building their own collection, or just looking for a unique pack of cards to use for games or tricks.

The Coven deck comprises of standard poker size cards, but has the distinction of boasting an all-female selection of face cards; the Kings and Jacks all wear masks, but the Queens elect to show their faces.


The Squatting Dog

Sometimes the secret to a successful Kickstarter campaign is putting forward a product that would have no chance of being created other than via crowdfunding; it’s difficult to think of a better example of that than the Squatting Dog.


The statue is the brainchild of the Tokyo-based Toboggan, Inc. Inspired by the childhood pet of project team leader Taiki Shimokawa, the team decided that they wanted to share the happiness that the Shiba dog brought to his family. And, the best way to do that would be to create small statues of the dog squatting to relieve itself.

It’s that classic Japanese eccentricity that makes this such a unique project. You can own your own squatting Shiba in a selection of colors — even a Kickstarter-exclusive glittering gold. A real conversation-starter for any coffee table.


LagosPhoto 2015

Five years ago, LagosPhoto began with a remit to cultivate the burgeoning photographic community in Lagos, Nigeria. They’ve had a great deal of success since then, and now the organisers of the project are looking to extend their efforts to a year-round interest.


While Africa has been splashed over the news in recent months, it’s still difficult to see anything other than an outsider’s perspective on the continent. However, Nigeria’s flourishing artistic scene is producing work that gives a different perspective on African life, something that LagosPhoto hopes to take to new heights and share with the rest of the world.

Solo exhibitions, a group exhibitions, residencies from international artists and extensive community projects are planned for 2015 — but only if the correct funding can be raised via this Kickstarter campaign.


LA Fights

Over the past fifteen years, English-born Nigel McGuinness built a reputation as one of the most respected wrestlers working the United States. In 2009, he was offered a contract by WWE and it seemed like he was headed for the top of the wrestling industry — but an injury would cause the deal to fall through. Now, McGuinness is taking the initiative to carve out his own path, and perhaps even change the face of modern pro wrestling.


McGuinness is hoping to bring the world of pro wrestling into the 21st century, combining the best that the medium has to offer with a dash of mixed martial arts intensity and a generous helping of the complex plottting and long-form storylines that hit television shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead have brought to the mainstream.

Previously, McGuinness used Kickstarter to fund a movie that chronicled his own retirement tour, the highly-praised documentary The Last of McGuinness. Having proven his understanding of film, as well as pro wrestling, there’s a real opportunity here for Nigel to create something special. A few years ago, Game of Thrones took fantasy literature from a niche interest to the mainstream; could 2015 be the time for LA Fights to do the same for pro wrestling?

Magui Sandjou


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