4 Best Social Media Ads By Brands That Went Viral in 2016

Advertisements are one of the most significant aspects of the overall marketing process and brands often come up with innovative advertisement ideas to attract the customers. Nowadays, the marketing tactics have changed considerably and marketers prefer to use social networks to enhance the popularity of the brands. The advertisement ideas which are highly appreciated on social media by the users frequently experience higher sales, and thus, marketing professionals always try to come up with pioneering advertisements. 2016 also witnessed a few ads which went viral and gleaned colossal popularity.

This post presents an insight about some of the most viral ads of 2016.

1. Netflix Socks

Netflix has a staggering fan base over social media and thus, the brand can afford to experiment with some inventive, unusual and humorous ad ideas. There recent ad that went viral in 2016 features a quite different concept. It shows that the Netflix viewers are subject to several “first-world problems” while binge watching their most favourite shows. One of these problems is that they fall asleep while watching the shows. The Netflix socks bring a new concept as these possess an accelerometer that is used for detecting whether or not the user is asleep. If the user is sleeping, these socks, send a signal to the television and the current show pauses.
Netflix also invited its viewers to design the socks with unique patterns and this advertisement received over one billion social media impressions. Within the three weeks of the launch of the advertisement, the Netflix socks were mentioned about 49 times an hour on social media giant “Twitter” and socks accounted for over 1175 tweets per day from over 200, 000 users.

2. Dove – The campaign for real beauty

When Unilever conducted a market research in 2004, it revealed that only 4 women considered themselves beautiful. So, they started working on advertising campaigns for women to make them realise that they are beautiful.

In continuation to the Dove’s “feel beautiful” advertising campaign, it launched the latest phase of the #SpeakBeautiful campaign on social media. This advertisement had a mixed reaction, and it also experienced huge backlash for policing the women’s self-expression. However, it went hugely viral and Twitter saw a lot of tweets in relation to this campaign.

3. Doritos Super Bowl 50 Advertisement

It is one of the most viral advertisements in 2016 and is another addition to the Doritos shareworthy and humorous content.

The ad depicts a baby who is after a Dorito which is there in his father’s hand when the baby is in mom’s womb. While it’s a completely strange and out-of-the-box idea but it went hugely viral gleaning over 893,000 shares post launch. It has over 10 million views on YouTube and over 6200 likes.

4. Disney’s #ShareYourEars Campaign

Disney asked the social media users on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to share their pictures where they are wearing Mickey Mouse ears. In return, the Disney made a $5 donation for every single piece of content generated in response to the advertisement to Make A Wish foundation. This campaign resulted in over 220K pictures sharing alone on Instagram and Disney donated a total of $2 million.

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