3 Ways to Avoid Facebook Drama

It happened again. There you were, browsing Facebook, just enjoying a little you-time. Then you scroll past a post from your loud-mouthed co-worker. It’s yet another long-winded yarn about what so-and-so said about such-and-such. ‘Not this again,’ you think, ‘I feel like I’m back in high school.’

Facebook drama can be hard to avoid. Even after putting your head down and trudging on with your browsing, it still seems to crop up day after day. Getting involved in disputes and gossip between co-workers, family, or any other Facebook friend is never fun—and there are rarely ever any winners that walk away.


So, how does one rise above those petty squabbles and avoid unnecessary drama? Here are three useful tips:

Unfollow Negative People

When your loud-mouth co-worker broadcasts the office drama on their feed, don’t just scroll past it. You can always unfollow them or hide the post, which will tell Facebook what kind of content you want to avoid in the future.

If the offender poster sends you chat messages instead of posting updates, tell them politely that you have no interest in talking about other people without them present. Being direct works better than people realize.

Redirect the Conversation

If the direct approach doesn’t work, try redirecting the conversation any time other people’s personal business is brought up. Facebook gossips will soon tire of dumping the dirty details on you. They’ll remember you as pleasant, but not interested.


DO NOT Take Sides

The world isn’t a perfect place. People will be wronged, and you may feel compelled to offer them your solidarity. That is all well and good. Standing up for others shows strong moral character.

However, it’s important to avoid taking sides in every single FB dispute. You’re just asking to be injected into a world of drama if you do. Weigh how consequential the matter actually is, and if you deem it too petty—just walk away and let your everybody else figure things out for themselves.

So remember, avoiding that pesky Facebook drama is a simple matter of indicating you don’t want to hear any gossip. If they persist, try redirecting the conversation. Finally, choose your battles wisely. Although it’s good to stand up for those who need it, it’s unwise to involve yourself in every dispute.

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