2013 Super Bowl Ads: Watch Every Commercial From Super Bowl XLVII [Video]

super bowl 2013

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest days for advertising in the United States. With more than 10 million people tuning into watch the game it’s a great opportunity for companies to get the word out about their new products. This year, the 2013 Super Bowl ads featured partying retirees, models kissing nerds, and a Minnesota guy infected with a Jamaican accent.

Several of this year’s Super Bowl commercials had a social twist. Coca-Cola created a “choose your own adventure” ad and encouraged people to vote for the ending on Twitter, Facebook, and CokeChase.com, Pepsi used social media to outsource the creative process for their Crash The Super Bowl ads, and Budweiser started a Twitter campaign asking people what they should name their new Clydesdale.

Of course, OREO was the big winner of the night for creating a Twitter ad in a matter of minutes after the power outage at the Super Bowl.

And even if a company didn’t specifically target Twitter or Facebook in their ad campaign, social networking was used this year to judge an ad’s effectiveness. According to Blue Fin, the Ram Truck commercial received over 400,000 social media comments within 45 minutes of airing during the Super Bowl.

Here are all of the Super Bowl ads from Super Bowl XLVII.

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What was your favorite 2013 Super Bowl ad?



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