1D’s Louis Tomlinson to Become a Daddy [Twitter Reacts]

It’s confirmed: Louis Tomlinson is about to start thinking about cribs, nappies, and baby booties, because there’s a bundle of joy heading his way very soon.

Tomlinson made the announcement on Good Morning America that his friend, stylist Briana Jungwirth, is expecting his child. that last sentence was kind of a little weird to write, but hey, they’re both consenting adults, so all the best to hem on this baby.

Directioners the world over reacted the way they usually do: with so. Much. Emotion.

some fans just couldn’t even.

I dunno, last time we checked, it was Briana who was expected to have morning sickness.

Fans were afright over the possibility of Louise being the next one to say goodbye to One Direction.

Fans has so many feelings on the matter, they started firing them at all the wrong people — like, say, their relatives.

even at the poor POTUS.

Shippers began discussing the new possibilities for their beloved Larry. #OTP

Ah yes, the power of wishful thinking.

As always, the rest of Twitterdom were just as confused as before.

It’s all fun and games and a heaping serving of emotion, until the two dads in Louise’ life came out to have words online. The pop star isn’t entirely on speaking terms with his biological father Troy Austin, but austin is determined to get his son’s attention back no matter what it takes — even if that means dropping a bomb of a secret to the presses.

However Mark Tomlinson, the man who raised Louise, was having none of that and was vocal about protecting his son online.

Fans worldwide hold you to that, Mark. You’re going to be a grandad soon, after all.


Rumors are circulating that Briana Lungwirth may have lost the baby, and Twitter has just about had it with all the drama.


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