10 Reasons Puppets Hate Facebook [Funny Video]

Puppets Hate Facebook

Mario and Fafa the Groundhog, a group of renegade hand puppets hate Facebook and they have 10 very real reasons for their hatred.

  1. People are always posting pictures of their babies (ugh, who needs that?).
  2. Nobody cares about what you ate for lunch and nobody wants to see a picture of it! Fafa doesn’t care that you spent three hours making almond-crusted sturgeon, and Mario thinks its stupid you took a picture of it!
  3. Moms are on Facebook!
  4. Mario and Fafa hate when you request that they like something that benefits you and has nothing to do with them.
  5. Finding out that old cool friends have now gone insane is the pits!
  6. Getting cartoon cows as gifts is a pain!
  7. On Facebook, people are always tagging you in pictures where you look terrible.
  8. Facebook is always suggesting you be friends with people you can’t stand.
  9. If you don’t change your privacy settings on Facebook the default settings leave your entire life public!
  10. And the thing Mario and Fafa hate the most is….drunk Facebooking!

Check out their very funny video below to hear them tell you exactly why Facebook is evil and there reasons are very “human” in there reasons.

List compiled by SocialTimes.

James Kosur

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