1.1 Billion Facebook Photos Uploaded New Year’s Eve And New Years Day

Facebook Photos Upload Record

Facebook users were not shy about sharing their photos on New Year’s Eve and New Years Day. During that 48 hour period 1.1 billion photos were uploaded, a new record for Facebook and nearly double the 300 million photos that are typically uploaded to the social network on an average day.

The former New Years Eve, New Year’s Day record was set in 2010 when Facebook users uploaded 750 million photos to the service.

During the launch of Facebook Graph Search, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that more than 240 billion photos have now been uploaded to the social network.

News of the massive photo upload counts comes at a time when Facebook Graph Search has highlighted the social networks ability to deliver searchable information to its users.

In comparison, Instagram witnessed 1/13th as many photo uploads as its parent company on New Year’s Eve and New Years Day.

While Facebook photos are fun to look at, the massive amount of meta data provided via those photos allows Facebook to target ads and control a users news feed information more accurately.



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