Zindigo Delivers 40% Sales Commission To Facebook Sharers


Facebook social selling startup Zindigo wants customers to share name brand good on their Facebook pages and for that right the company will provide users with 40% sales commissions. The company is also providing blog, social media accounts and dedicated online shops support.

The idea of sharing items through affiliate links is nothing new for social media, however most websites offer only a pittance for each sale. For example The Fancy pays a commission of 2% while Amazon affiliates typically earn between 4% to 8% of each sale they direct to the Amazon selling platform.

Zindigo is different because it offers a huge commission cut and because it was founded by two fashion industry veterans — Michael Bereck (fashion wholesalers) and Kareen Mallet (Neiman Marcus fashion director for 17 years).

So far Zindigo has raised $4 million to expand its direct-selling platform. For its efforts Zindigo collects a 15% sales commission and the remaining 35% goes to the direct fashion brand seller.

Using the system is simple, users just open a business page on Facebook and then stock their shops with the items they like. Items currently include more than 80 apparel and accessory designers. Among items available are products from the likes of Isabella Fiore, Erickson Beamon and Kara Ross.

Zindigo currently operates offices in New York City and Palm Beach, Florida where 18 employees are directing the firms growth.

While the website is based around the fashion industry at this time it plans to expand into automotive, travel and entertainment among other e-commerce sectors.



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