YouTube’s Biggest Video Ad Of March 2014 Went To A Not-For-Profit

Not For Profit Ad Rules YouTube In March 2014

Every month the YouTube Ads Leaderboard reports the top ad placement for the last 30 days. Typically the top ad spot goes to a company like Samsung or Taco Bell. In March 2013 the top viewed ad spot was awarded to the UK based not-for-profit “Save The Children.”

According to stats from YouTube, the 90-second clip was viewed 28,697,607 times in March 2014.

The Most Shocking Second a Day Video is a play on the “photo a day” videos which have become popular on YouTube. In the video a little girls life comes unraveled because of a weaponized external conflict.

Save The Children, based in the UK, works in 120 countries to save children’s lives and secure their human rights. The “Most Shocking Second a Day Video’ managed to beat out ad spots from Samsung, Old Spice, Chanel, Taco Bell, and Subaru for the top spot. The Samsung GALAXY S5 took the second place spot with 23,819,243 views.

The Save The Children ad is prepping to pass 30 million views as of April 10. The following message was posted with the clip:

“A young girl’s life gets turned upside-down in this tragic second a day video. Could this ever happen in the UK? This is what war does to children. Find out more at




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