Youtuber Recreates “Jurassic World” Trailer, DIY Style

Jurassic World

Stop the presses, this just might be the most epic “Jurassic World” trailer remake to ever grace your screens — and it practically cost next to nothing to make.

Hozzah2Internet, meet Hozzah2. She’s a youtuber who hails from South Korea with a zany sense of comedy and antics that will have you laughing way beyond the language barriers. Understanding a bit of Hangeul is a big plus for getting the most laughs out of her videos, but you’ve got to admit, it takes a lot of guts and some good-natured, whole-hearted don’t-give-a-f*ck attitude to put herself out there and do the things she does.

And then, you have this video.


Watch the heart-stopping, DIY-tastic fanmade trailer below:

Seriously. How epic was that?!

What’s amazing about this is how Hozzah2’s managed to recreate the trailer shot by shot, using simple objects in her possession — from the sundry to the silly, and even yes, the downright edible — all within the space of her own apartment. (Pretty sweet pad too, but I digress.)

So you need velociraptors, T-rexes, and diplodoci for the shot? Simple: plastic dinosaurs — or better yet, be the dinosaur! That’s what acting skills and hoodies are for. This works fine too for paper cut-outs, helicopters, and even screaming scenes. (why hello there, rubber chicken.) Fake mustaches, denim shirts, sweaters, and other items in your closet make for quick costume changes. Need dino-brains? Cooked noodles do the trick. And if you ever need to give your fan-made trailer the sense of a flock of pterodactyl terrorizing hapless civilians, a flying friend chicken fits the bill perfectly. (and hey, it can even turn into lunch after all that hard work. Why not?

The folks at Indy Mogul would totally approve.

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