Youtuber, Josh Paler Lin Is At It Again, Despite Controversy [Video]

Josh Paler Lin

Youtube star, Josh Paler Lin is known for his viral videos. Back in December, Lin made a video of a social experiment. He gives a homeless man $100 and secretly follows him to see what he spends the money on. Surprisingly, the man buys gifts and gives them to random people on the street. The footage went viral and Josh Paler Lin decided to organize a fund for the homeless man. Controversy has swirled about the validity of the video and the intentions of Lin’s actions.

With the controversy seemingly in the past, Josh Paler Lin is at it again.

His latest video features Lin in yet another experiment. Dressed as a homeless man pushing a shopping cart, Lin visits several fancy restaurants in Los Angeles and asks to eat at the establishments. Despite showing that he had money, he is turned away and refused service.

After being rejected, Lin returns to the eateries in his Ferrari, dressed in expensive clothes. After revealing his true identity, he explains that people shouldn’t judge a person on their appearances.

The video, like Lin’s others, is quickly going viral. Still, many question Lin’s actions. With all of the money people donated to help the man in the first homeless experiment video, people continue to wonder what happened. Lin has not provided any evidence to prove his videos are real and not scripted.

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