YouTube Co-Founder Chad Hurley Launching Video Network With Collaboration Focus

Chad Hurley New Collaboration Video Network

YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley sold his stake in YouTube to Google more than six year ago. Now, the internet video pioneer is planning to launch a new rival video platform. According to Hurley the new website will focus on video collaboration among users.

According to Adweek’s Tim Peterson, Hurley announced the new project during a Kevin Rose Q&A session on Saturday afternoon. Hurley revealed:

“I wish [South by Southwest] was a month later because I could unveil the new product.”

Hurley says the new product is “primarily video-based…and gives flexibility for people to work together and create content.”

YouTube has really gotten into the collaboration space over the last year, unveiling YouTube Space studios in Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo.

Hurley says he’s not setting out to kill YouTube and that there will always be a place in the space for the video platform he helped engineer.

Are you ready for a new video collaboration platform from the YouTube co-founder? We’re excited to see what Chad Hurley has to offer, especially as we prepare to launch our own social video platform at SND.TV



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