Young People: Your Social Networking Is Effecting Job Prospects [Study]

Fine A Job Online With Social

Young people love to use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and various other forms of social networking. Unfortunately many of those very same young people fail to recognize the actions their online lives can have on future job prospects.

A recent study by the team at McAfee found that 20% of web users know someone who has lost their job because of their social media postings.

The McAfee study finds that 11% of current workers and job seekers have been confronted about questionable content they have posted on various social networks.

McAfee isn’t necessarily saying users should stop using social networking. Instead users should be sure they are only sharing information with their private networks and they should ensure they use a strong pin or two-step authentication to keep their information away from prying eyes.

Among everything though McAfee notes that you should polish your account and keep everything clean to avoid any future job problems or the loss of a job offer.

Here’s the McAfee social job seeker infographic:



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  1. It's really the internets lack of social etiquette and anything goes mentality that is to blame. I mean if everyone is doing it it must be ok? right? – Joseph Sorbara.