Woman in Ukrainian Grave Was Buried Alive with Her Dead Husband

Women in Ukrainian Grave Was Buried Alive with Her Dead Husband

When archeologists discovered an ancient couple buried in a loving embrace, it intially seemed like a sweet gesture. Perhaps, their loved ones, knowing their passion for one another in life, chose to lay them to rest together, resulting in 3000 years intertwined in their grave before being discovered.

But as it turns out, the truth is much more disturbing. Autospy experts say the position the female was found in would not have been possible if she was dead when buried, so she must have been entombed alive. Moreover, archeologists believe the woman probably requested to this fate, in an attempt to follow her deceased husband to the afterlife.

Experts have also suggested that the woman drank poison first, before climbing into the grave and wrapping her arms around her recently deceased partner.

Women in Ukrainian Grave Was Buried Alive with Her Dead Husband
Source: Mykola Bandrivsky

The couple were found near Petrykiv Village, south of Ternopil in western Ukraine, and would have belonged to the prehistric Vysotskaya culture. This means the pair have been embracing since the Bronze Age!

Professor Mykola Bandrivsky, Director of the Transcarpathian branch of the Rescue Archaeological Service of the Institute of Archeology of Ukraine, who has been conducting research into these “loving couple burials,” said the discovery was one-of-a-kind.

“It is a unique burial, a man and a woman lying there, hugging each other tight. Both faces were gazing at each other, their foreheads were touching. The woman was lying on her back, with her right arm she was tenderly hugging the man, her wrist lying on his right shoulder. The legs of the woman were bent at the knees – lying on the top of the men’s stretched legs. Both the dead humans were clad in bronze decorations, and near the heads was placed some pottery items – a bowl, a jar and three bailers.”

Women in Ukrainian Grave Was Buried Alive with Her Dead Husband
Source: Mykola Bandrivsky

Although shocking, the renowned archeologist said the culture was known for its “tender” burials, and that the woman was probably buried alive willingly.

He said: “Maybe, the woman did not want to live with some other man, and get used to some new way of life. So she preferred to pass away with her husband.

“We suppose such a decision was dictated only by her own desire, and her attempt to stay with her beloved one.

“She may, for example, have drunk a chalice of poison to make joining her husband easy and painless.”

What do you think? An eternal romance, or just plain creepy? Tell us in the comments!

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