Woman Tortures Ex-Boyfriend’s Dog After Breakup; Barely Alive Pup Finally Gets Rescued

Photo by Facebook/Justice for Champ

Breakups are never a beautiful thing, they can range from a bittersweet goodbye to an ugly hurricane of thrown gifts. As such, they can be traumatic experiences for both parties involved. Sometimes the damage is not even limited to just the couple, even innocent people, or even pets get involved in a rather violent manner. Still, a breakup is no excuse to harm anyone or any creature.

That is exactly what happened to a poor Mastiff dog named Champ. You see, Champ was owned by Elizabeth Lena James’ boyfriend and they lived in Laurens, South Carolina. Things took a bad turn for Champ when Elizabeth and her boyfriend broke up which led to the dog being left in her care.

Unfortunately for Champ, Elizabeth became rather malicious and violent because of the breakup, and it appeared that she wanted to get revenge on her ex. So she took it on poor innocent Champ, who was just a barely a year-old. Elizabeth apparently starved Champ for six months and at one point, did not feed the pup for 30 consecutive days. Elizabeth had other dogs, in fact, and she actually fed them, it was only Champ that was starved nearly to death.

Thankfully, the police got wind of Elizabeth’s atrocity to the animal and came to Champ’s rescue. They found the Mastiff pup barely alive with just skin and bones as well as maggots crawling all over him.

Champ was so emaciated that he lost more than half of his weight and could not even produce any more red blood cells. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was arrested and has since paid a $15,000 bond.

Champ is now undergoing rehabilitation and it is only a matter of time before he can walk again and regain his full health.

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