Woman Performs Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ In Sign Language [Video]

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Eminem’s hit song ‘Lose Yourself’ topped the charts and starred in a major movie, but one woman just took it to the next level.

American Sign Language interpreter, Shelby Mitchusson performed the rap song on YouTube and the results are epic.

The soon-to-be Internet sensation has also been known to interpret hardcore rock songs at concerts. Now, this video was shot a while back, but is just now getting the attention it deserves.

You can tell Mitchusson is really feeling the music. She really gets into it. In fact, there are times where you forget she is using sign language and it looks more like dancing.

“I have a deep love for interpreting music and would love to share more as I am always interpreting music,” she writes on YouTube. “As always your feedback is wanted! Again, thank you all — I’ll upload more soon.”

We can’t wait to see what her next performance will entail. It seems the comments agree. In fact, we didn’t see a single negative comment on the video.

Thank you Shelby for “losing yourself” in this song for our entertainment.

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