Woman Opens Plane’s Emergency Exit To ‘Get Some Fresh Air’


A flight was held for an hour and a woman arrested by cops after she opened the emergency exit to get “a breath of fresh air” prior to the plane taking off.

The incident occurred on a Xiamen Air flight, which was scheduled to lift off at 3.45pm. Cabin crew had instructed the lady, who seemed to be in her 50s, about the guidelines when sitting adjacent to the emergency exit and emphasized to her to not touch the button that opened up the emergency exit. But, the woman claimed she necessitated some fresh air and touched the button anyway to ajar the exit when the stewardess turned her back to assist others, said the report. The woman was hauled away and for an hour the flight was delayed. Opening the emergency exit can be considered a disturbing public order in a plane, which is punishable by a fine and police detention.

In July 2018, in Nanjing a woman who was flying for the very first time misidentified the lavatory door and opened the emergency door before her flight took off. The emergency slide was discharged and the plane was delayed for two hours. The lady was jailed for 10 days. In January 2015, a guy who opened an emergency door after an aircraft landed in Chongqing was ordered to pay $4,896 to the airline. In June, Hubei man who on a Thai Lion Air flight was returning to China from Bangkok opened up an emergency exit before lift-off. After repeatedly apologizing, accordant to witnesses, he was detained by Thai authorities for 24 hours and given a fine of $16 before being deported.


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