Woman Claims Sprint Employee Shared Nude Photos To Facebook After Smartphone Trade-In


A Los Angeles woman is suing Sprint after she traded in her smartphone, and alleges that an employee uploaded private photos to her Facebook profile.

The woman, who is only wanting to be known as J. Johnson, brought in her HTC EVO back in April 2013 to trade in for a new smartphone.

According to Johnson, the employee said that all private information on the phone would be deleted, which is standard policy.

However, around one month later, she got a call from a friend saying that nude photos of her and a man were posted to her Facebook profile for all to see.

From lawyer Mohammad “Mike” Kazerouni:

“It was very embarrassing, shocking, traumatizing. I think it’s disgusting. I can’t fathom why someone would want to put up intimate pictures of someone they’ve never met on their Facebook page.”

The man is also suing Sprint, and according to the lawsuit, the potential culprit could be an employee based in Louisville, Kentucky where Johnson’s phone was sent to be refurbished.

A Sprint spokeswoman said the company takes privacy matters very seriously, and has launched a full investigation into the matter.

As for Johnson, she says it was difficult returning to work after the photos were uploaded to her Facebook profile since it wasn’t clear who exactly saw them.

Photo credit: Cyril Bosselut

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